Friday, November 13, 2009

Making More Sense Faster

DZ3 starts to remind a steamroller that will catch me up unless I find a better way to deal with the momentum it creates. In order to make feedback more immediate and avoid being a bottleneck, I've decided to encourage existing DZ users, as well as innocent passerbys, to use Sidewiki to leave feedback and comments right where they belong, instead of not quite always relevant blog post comment placeholders, difficult to publish project pages and obscure mailing lists. Adding a Sidewiki comment seems, at this time, the most efficient way to make the relevant information available.

So, again, go get it and give me a chance to concentrate at actually making things work instead of documenting how they should work :)


  1. - Doctor, it hurts when I walk this way!
    - Don't walk this way, then!

    Seriously, you're S.O.L. until Chrome supports it - which, I have a hunch, will be very soon.

    Just don't use anything more exotic, eh? :)