Monday, November 17, 2014

Early Access: Google Calendar API v3 Integration

Google shut down Calendar API v2 and v1 today, replaced by v3. v3 is not a drop-in replacement for earlier versions, changes are required.


You specify credentials either as a part of configuration (permanently), or via JMX (after server startup).


First time, DZ starts an external browser with OAuth callback URL, you choose credentials to use, grant the permission to use them, DZ stores the token (not credentials) until it expires. Afterwards, calendar updater reads the token and proceeds without requiring a browser.


Get the current version from Github. Release will be following shortly.


You need to remove credentials from the configuration.


The only change you should notice is how to make DZ understand that you want to change the account associated with the calendar. Remove ${HOME}/.dz/calendar/StoredCredential file to make DZ request authentication again.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Upcoming release: DZ 3.6.6

This is a cumulative release combining over two years of bugfixes.


  • Google Calendar access code brought to compliance with current API behavior (more secure);
  • Improved XBee devices stability, analog sensors are no longer susceptible to noise;
  • "Return to schedule" functionality is now accessible from mobile devices.

Surprisingly, there's nothing else, other than known problems (which are apparently too rare or too minor to matter).

If there is something that is bothering *you* - now is time to speak up so it gets addressed and included into this release.