Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Emme: The Vaporware of 2010? [Update: Yes]

Emme was discovered in December 2009, slated for release in April 2010, then delayed until July, then until August.

It's now the middle of September, but the registration page still lists August as the availability target.


Maybe all it is is a market research tool? Too many things seem to be stuffed into one body, thus violating "do one thing, do it well" principle.

Especially interesting is the claim about, quote,

patented algorithms to identify most individual appliances and electrical devices, giving you insight into your energy use that to this point was unavailable.
Show me the money, or I call it snake oil.

And I still can't find my hat after it's been blown away by a promise of supporting whole three wireless sensors.

UPDATE (January 1 2011): registration page still lists August 2010 as availability date. I guess they gave up.

UPDATE (January 21 2011): the date on the registration page is gone, and it claims now that "Emme products are available nationwide through our extensive dealer network". Oh well. Let's see now how long will it take them to materialize. With three wireless sensors.