Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Competition: Emme


Allegedly coming April July August 2010, reservation is encouraged.

Favorite quote (emphasis mine):

Three wireless temperature sensors...
(Image: Emme)


  1. allededly? Have they not come through before?

  2. Am I missing something and they already have a tangible product on the market that you can buy *today*?

    Show me the money.

    I've seen too many times how marketing and sales people sell *as existing* products that not only are not finished, but sometimes don't even exist. Essentially, what is being sold is a promise to deliver. Which can be broken by anything and everything. That's why I said "allegedly". For all I know, all they might have today is a pretty website intended to gather seed capital - note that there are no pictures of any hardware, just artistic renderings.

    I've already set up a reminder in my calendar to check back on this product on April 1st 2010 (hmm... interesting date) and will report on that then.

    Having said all that, I'm hoping that they *will* deliver and there will be more competition - work without competition is travesty :)