Monday, December 14, 2009

The Competition: X300™

A representative of an interesting product family.

I don't quite understand the rationale for feature set selection - the device supports

  • Eternet connector (very nice),
  • relays (very nice),
  • email alerts (that I can understand),
  • Modbus/TCP (that's an impressive industrial protocol, but I don't remeber any home automation application that suports it),
  • SNMP (same as Modbus),
  • BASIC interpreter (why would anyone want that today???),
  • but just 8 sensors. Eight? While using DS18B20, implying 1-Wire, which is potentially unlimited? You're kidding. I'd say this is a deal breaker.
Tihs device smells of an identity crisis to me - ask yourself a question, who is the consumer of this device? Too heavily loaded with industrial features for consumer market, too limited hardware for industrial. Or maybe the overall state of affairs in industrial applications is more grim than I thought.

This is the only device to date (that I have found so far) that has a mobile application. Or, should I say, has a picture of an application running on an iPhone - App Store search yielded no results, and there were no application links that I could find.


  1. No iPhone app is needed, you can just use any web browser

  2. Hmm... It's been a while, but I remember seeing their "test drive" application - and it looked much different than the picture above.