Saturday, December 12, 2009

Early Access: Usable GUI Again

Subversion contains code for still ugly GUI that can do three things right:

  • Display the zone name, current temperature and setpoint for the selected zone;
  • Flip back and forth through zones (left/right arrows);
  • Change setpoint for the currently selected zone (up/down arrows).
There are also subtle visual cues to what the system is currently doing, and there will be more and more as time goes by.

New features would be available via keystrokes. Feel free to try all keys on the keyboard, you're unlikely to break something and you'll see what's happening. There's a good time that by the time you read this, hold, voting, off and Fahrenheit vs. Celsius switches will be already implemented.

No mouse interaction other than gestures (drag left, right, up and down) and possibly a right click menu will be provided. It is planned that all major features will be available via single key press - or there will be advanced interface for the feature that will not be a part of the GUI.

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