Thursday, December 3, 2009

FAQ: Thermostat Sensitivity

Q: Default thermostat settings cause too much of a temperature swing, how do I make my thermostat more sensitive?

A: You increase the value of P for the PID controller associated with this thermostat. Default value of P (1.0) corresponds to a deadband from 1°C below the setpoint to 1°C above. Increasing P to 2 will cause that to change to a range from 0.5°C below the setpoint to 0.5°C above.

Likewise, if you want to dumb down your thermostat because the HVAC switches on and off too often, you need to decrease the value of P. However, be careful, for short cycling (the HVAC term for this phenomenon) may have different causes - but you'll be able to easily see the cause for them on charts DZ generates.

Q: Will there be a UI control for that?

A: Yes.

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