Friday, December 4, 2009

Early Access: Swing GUI Back From The Dead

Subversion contains code for extremely ugly GUI that is able to do one thing: display current and setpoint temperature for all configured zones, and change color depending on whether DZ is configured for cooling and heating mode and whether the zone is calling.

Ugly or not, it sure beats using JMX to see the current temperature and setpoints.

Here's a configuration snippet that makes this happen:

<bean id="console" class="net.sf.dz3.view.swing.Console"
<constructor-arg index="0" type="java.util.Set">
<ref bean="thermostat-6500000055FF1A26" />
<ref bean="thermostat-0500080021C9B810" />
Not just thermostats may be added, but any DZ objects - if they can't be displayed, they will be simply ignored with an error message in the log.

Next Step

Providing controls to change the setpoint, of course. Working on it.

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