Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Competition: iComfort™

The Zone Control Blog posted a reference to iComfort™ Communicating Thermostat.

This is the most comprehensive Web application that I've seen so far. There is a demo you can play with (follow the link, there's a username and password for the demo).

The demo vividly reminds me of my experience working with Google Checkout API. Don't know what it is today, but back when I was working with it the callback deadline was 3 seconds.

Three seconds.

You blow the deadline, you don't exist for the Checkout engine, and your customer pays default shipping rate, not the shipping rate that applies to the product you're selling. Oversize product? Extra heavy product? Your problem, you blew the deadline. Go away, you don't exist.

Call me arrogant, and don't forget to throw rocks at me and stick it to my face when the DZ Web application is up and running.

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