Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Short Take: Where's My RTH7500 Manual?

Exactly where you put it, dummy.

Correction: I am the dummy.

So here I am, trying to figure out the way to configure the hysteresis and, at the same time, save myself a long walk to the shelf at the second floor where I *think* I put the plastic bag with the manual and spare parts. Also, it's middle of the night, it's dark, the light switch is out of the way, everyone in the house is asleep and I don't want to step on the cat strategically placed somewhere down my path.

So I'm thinking: it's 2007, let's google it up.

Yeah, right.

I guess my patience is thinned by previous encounters with HVAC machinery and service, unlike one of this gentleman.

Mind you, all configuration settings in this thermostat are not described by words. They are described by numbers. There's no way in hell I can remember numbers I have to use once in a few months, if not years. And the paper manual is nowhere to be found. And what other companies usually put up (a printable PDF document) is nowhere to be found, either.


Another score for Rite Temp.

And don't lose your manual, otherwise you end up with a quite expensive brick on your wall.

Update: I've found the manual...


  1. On-line PDF versions of Honeywell manuals can be found via:

    Do a "Literature / Image Search" for RTH7500.

  2. Anonymous: that's very nice of them to have put the manuals online. I know they weren't there when I was writing the article, and I also know that for a while now Google has no trouble finding one. Guess that the pressure to put manuals online has built up to the point they had to do so, glad to have contributed my $0.02.