Thursday, August 2, 2007

SketchUp Sketches: DZ Testbed

This is a contraption that can be used to test the zoning controller functionality and operation. As the moment of writing (the image above is live, so is the link) it is just a rough draft (yeah, and it's 2:30AM), but I hope you get the idea. Plug heat sources (electric bulbs will do) into big holes. Plug temperature sensors into small holes. Connect the servos to DZ output. Connect fans to DZ output. Switch it on and watch it go crazy.

Four servos may represent up to four zones.
Four fans may represent up to four HVAC units.
Dimmers may be used to simulate variable heat load.
The divider between two middle fans is missing intentionally.
All sizes in the model (fans, servos, planes) are true and correct.

Link to the model page

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