Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm waking up, too

Those who have been following this project since days long gone may have noticed that nothing really significant appeared here in about last two years or so.

There were many reasons for it - I've changed the house (couldn't staple those nice looking blue cables to white walls any longer), changed the job (free time have become scarce), and all the things that could've been done to the project itself were essentially done - there was no significant itch to scratch anymore.

All of this changed again recently - energy prices are going up, kids are growing up, conditions change, and my last electric bill was whopping $420. Twice of what it was two years ago.

So the itch is there again.

And the last straw, I've made a mistake of undertaking a wiring project - and of course, as soon as I've opened the walls, I've realized that this is a perfect opportunity to install DZ again - and as soon as it is installed, two years worth of unimplemented ideas will start begging to be implemented and perfected.

So, the short term plan goes like this: Finish wiring, install sensors, install dampers, install DZ and roll on. Will not be fast (a simple speaker wiring project turned out into an exercise in advanced framing, insulation, conduit installation, drywalling, texturing and painting; plus, a new server room will be built to accommodate everything) - but it will be thorough.

Stay tuned.


  1. I know they are expensive, but this type of device would be great for adding temp sensors to rooms without wiring. It has always been an issue for me trying to find a place to install a DS18B20 sensors ~4ft off the ground. I am not sure if the refresh is fast enough for PID control.

  2. It would be interesting to see what is a real effort to integrate HSM100 into an open source application (protocol and driver support may be anything from perfect to nonexistent, needs further investigation). Off the top of my head, it seems to be a bit of an overkill (with motion and light sensor), but if one is planning to include just one sensor, cost of using it will be less than cost of wiring (definitely less than cost of several weeks of inconvenience for someone working on a wiring project after working a full day at the pay job). On the other hand, motion and light sensors may be used to fine tune the zoning controller behavior. Another consideration for me is that I'm planning to install more than one sensor per room - for example, current setup will have at least four, maybe more - I'll write a separate article about it.