Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tip Of The Iceberg: Security

Last place to find anything about climate control, I thought, would be the Schneier on Security blog. But then, when he posted about Remote-Controlled Thermostats, it didn't surprise me much - for this is the same idea that is deeply rooted inside DZ.

Of course, since DZ is not a commercial project, the full-fledged security framework is not there, just the reasonable initial framework.

But the point of this message is to emphasize that within every big problem there's a thousand small, trying to get out. Security is just one of multiple facets of DZ that is not on the surface.

For those interested, the original article is California Seeks Thermostat Control.

Still can't help but to ask myself how are they planning to control the legions of Honeywell mechanical thermostats, and who is going to pay for radio and Internet enablement of newer thermostats (last time I checked, Carrier Infinity was the only system that was somewhat enabled, and the cost is exorbitant). Have a nagging feeling that it'll be taken out of our pocket, but rest assured, in our best interest.

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