Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Measure, So You Can Improve

"What you cannot measure, you cannot improve".

Until recently, it was practically impossible to measure energy consumption. Kill-A-Watt was one of the first practical tools available. Still, it was pretty limited for it couldn't be used to continuously log the energy consumption (and it is being addressed), and it couldn't be used to measure the energy consumption for built-in or high consumption devices such as washers, dryers and HVACs.

Well, if you are concerned about your house energy consumption, it seems that your time is coming - Google is busy working on it. They've just announced the PowerMeter.

It will take some time. Currently, Google is building partnerships, and I'm sure we'll see tangible results soon.

UPDATE (2011/6/24): Google Power Meter is no more. Too bad.


  1. Wow. Great idea.

    Google seem to have so many projects on the go!

  2. We are supporting a study being done on results of using this technology.

    Please visit this link to read the details and do the study, $10.00 Starbucks card for completed surveys, study ends August 30 2009.


  3. Not sure why I was alerted that this post had changed - but as I am here!

    Open4Energy publishes a comprehensive directory of Energy Monitors, and Energy Scams to avoid.



    We do hope that readers will find them useful - and encourage anyone to share their experiences with us!