Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DZ3 Quickstart

(This post is sticky, will be updated as DZ3 codebase grows, and will eventually be migrated to the main site when DZ3 is sufficiently mature)

Below is what you have to do to have DZ3 code base installed on your system. It goes without saying that having a working installation of JDK 1.6 is a prerequisite. I distrust any implementation other than Sun's, but it's been many years since I've tried anything else, YMMV. (Update: found an article describing how to install Sun Java on Ubuntu).

You may want to copy and paste it into a shell scropt and see what happens when you run it. Watch long lines.

NOTE: You need to have Google Calendar dependencies on file system in order to build everything. Either follow simple instructions, or remove or comment out the dz3-schedule-gcal module from dz3-master/pom.xml.

Fedora 10+

#! /bin/sh

yum install maven2
yum install svn
cd ${
svn co \ \
(cd jukebox-master && mvn install)
svn co \ \
(cd servomaster-common && mvn install)
svn co \ \
cd dz3-master
# This test will most probably fail on your box because it is system specific
rm dz3-sensors/src/test/java/net/sf/dz3/device/sensor/impl/
mvn install

You're done. DZ3 codebase is installed on your box.
NOTE: installed. In order to connect servo controller based actuators you will also need to build servomaster-serial or servomaster-usb (depending on your hardware) which need to be checked out and built separately - but this is beyond the "quickstart".

Ubuntu 9.04

The only difference with the above is that instead of executing
yum install maven2
yum install svn
you execute
sudo apt-get install maven2
sudo apt-get install subversion

Mac OS X

(to the best of my understanding of explanations of a Mac expert):
  1. Install Development packet, it'll give you Subversion, among other things
  2. Install macports
  3. Run "port install maven2"
The rest should work like it does on Unix (theoretically, at least).

Update: I'm told that both Maven and Subversion are preinstalled on Mac OS X starting with version 10.5.


You're on your own here. The only advice I can give is to use TortoiseSVN and download and install Maven manually. And of course, shell scripts won't work - unless you're running Cygwin, but if that's the case, then you don't need my advice.


The only thing you have to do is to execute svn update followed by mvn clean install in jukebox-master and dz3-master directories. Don't forget to kill the shell sensor test case, or modify it to suit your system - should be trivial. Something like this:

#! /bin/sh

cd ${your_development_directory}
(cd jukebox-master && svn update && mvn clean install)
cd dz3-master
svn update
rm dz3-sensors/src/test/java/net/sf/dz3/device/sensor/impl/
mvn clean install


DZ3 invocation and runtime configuration.

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