Friday, February 19, 2010

Hardware: GuruPlug: coming soon, thanks to you

Thanks to donations, the GuruPlug Server - PLUS has just been pre-ordered and is expected to be shipped at the beginning of April.

To The Benefactors

Thank you.

Because of your generosity and good will, everyone will now will have the benefit of having a prepackaged solution when the time comes.

Every dollar donated on hardware I can tinker with transforms in innumerable hours saved by everyone that is planning to use it, for the path had been already paved and you don't have to make mistakes I did. In addition, it is difficult to underestimate the value of confidence that you get when you see your hardware on the supported list.


DZ is still accepting donations - there are expensive devices on the horizon many users expressed interest in, in particular, wireless sensors and stepper motors and controllers.

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