Friday, February 12, 2010

Hardware: GuruPlug

Why, oh why I didn't wait two months and bought the SheevaPlug?

Oh well, can't wait forever.

Ballpark: it seems to me that this box fixes multiple problems that SheevaPlug had (hope they fixed the dreaded hald(8) segfault), and the increase in price is roughly equal to a price of a standalone USB wireless card, even without a USB hub, which makes buying Sheevaplug a waste of money.

However, not all is in vain - there's been a lot of work done on DZ code base in order to make it fit into 512MB RAM, and SheevaPlug is a good playground for GuruPlug.

Meanwhile, DZ is accepting donations - I simply cannot afford to purchase all the hardware it can be run on in order to check compatibility and make it work seamlessly. Direct hardware donations are even more appreciated.

UPDATE: pre-oredered, thanks to user donations.

(via Hack A Day)

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