Thursday, January 21, 2010

SheevaPlug Update


Here's the timeline of events, for those that are thinking of getting the device:

  • December 17th - ordered the device;
  • January 14th - sent a polite request for status;
  • January 15th - they said they shipped it;
  • January 19th - they shipped it;
  • Jan 21th - it arrived.
Granted, there was a Christmas rush in between, but I guess this is what you realistically have to plan for, give or take.

1 comment:

  1. I ordered mine on December 11. I knew as they state on their website that it would take 2-3 weeks to ship. I also sent a polite message requesting status but didn't get a response. Right after that I discovered that they do have a (very hidden) way to login and check your order status...Long story short they shipped on Jan 14 and is expected to arrive tomorrow!! Merry belated Christmas to me!