Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DZ 3.3.2 "Leakplug" Release Is Out

Changes since 3.3.1

  • (cosmetic, UI) Pressing +/- on the keyboard will now cycle through all available Android screen sizes (in pixels);
  • (fault tolerance) Hardware will now go into "power off" state upon DZ process termination;
  • (JMX) Individual dampers can now be monitored via JMX;
  • (hardware driver) One logical damper can now control multiple physical dampers (more than one register/damper per zone);
  • (optimization) 1-Wire and servo controller drivers now use less heap memory in favor of local variables = less garbage collection chatter;
  • (bugfix) On/off zone switch wors as designed now;
  • (bugfix) Voting zone switch works as designed now;
  • (bugfix) All zones must now be satisfied before the HVAC run ends, not just the one that initiated th run and the ones that happened to enter "calling" state before the first zone was satisfied;
  • (critical bugfix) Removed a memory leak in 1-Wire driver code;
  • (critical bugfix) Removed a memory leak in Servomaster code.

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