Friday, January 22, 2010

FAQ: How Schedule Periods Work

(IMPORTANT: Google calendar has a bug which makes all "forever" recurring events to last for just two years. If the calendar looks empty, scroll the example back to November 2017 to see the actual complex schedule breakdown).

Period scheduling already looks very similar to what is displayed below, and it will look even more like so as wrinkles are ironed out:

Clicking on the calendar button will request to add this calendar to your list of calendars (if you already have a Google account and are logged in) , or present you with Google authentication page. Adding a calendar is a reversible action - you can always remove it later (go to Settings/Calendars and click on Unsubscribe).

The only benefit of adding the calendar to your list is a nice full screen view of the schedule.

In any case, don't forget to click on individual event descriptions to find out how things work (this doesn't require being logged in). Note that the embedded view is scrollable.

Keep in mind that the link is live, and the content will change as details are sorted out.

At this point it is expected that each zone will have its own calendar, to reduce clutter. Moreover, it is currently expected that cooling and heating schedules will be represented by two sets of calendars, with the same purpose - you can easily select and deselect individual calendars, but it'll be a mess if you have more than one set of settings in the same calendar.

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