Wednesday, January 6, 2010

FAQ: "Off" Zones

Q: What does it mean when the zone is "off"?

A: It means that the system will not care about the temperature in thos zone at all, other than recording it if it is configured to do so.

Q: How do the dampers behave in the zone that is off?

A: The dampers will stay open when the HVAC unit is off, to give other systems (forced ventilation, humidifiers, dehumidifiers) chance to work without obstruction. The dampers will stay closed when the HVAC unit is running, unless there is a need to dump excess static pressure, in which case they will open barely enough to provide that.

Use Cases

  • You don't need your bedroom at day, you may safely shut it off.
  • You don't need anything other than the bedroom at night, you may safely shut it off.
Warning: Currently, "off" means "off", and there is no minimum temperature override for heating mode to prevent your pipes from bursting. If there is such a chance, lowering the setpoint to minimum allowable is the way to go. In the future, this override will be introduced.

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