Saturday, January 30, 2010

Coming Up: Calendar Integration

You could see some pretty definite hints here, now it's coming to life. So, what exactly is it?

Generic Schedule Updater

ScheduleUpdater interface in dz3-scheduler module provides the interface, and AbstractScheduleUpdater provides the most generic baseline for implementing any back end integration. Want to store your schedule in a flat file? Be my guest. Want to read it off IRC? Anytime.

The updater is injected into the scheduler, so you're pretty much free in what and how you do it. That is, in case if you're not happy with the concrete implementation that will be a part of the release.

Google Calendar Integration

Just like it was planned, DZ will read the schedule from the the calendar of the account of your choice. Both Google and Google Apps accounts are supported, as well as pulling schedule details off any public calendars that you've subscribed to. Basic connectivity has already been implemented, details will be ironed out between now and next release.

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