Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So what is a rack?

The answer is: it is a short name for a 19-inch rack.

An extremely useful thing for a computer geek with lots of equipment spread around the house.

Also, an extremely useful thing for any modern house - people don't usually think about how much equipment that needs connecting they already have, and what will change in the nearest future. Just think: VoIP, IPTV, Squeezebox, NAS (one meaning), NAS (another meaning).

In other words, if you've read all the articles above, know what the rack is and still think you won't need it in a couple of years... I don't even know what to say :)

Now, *can you* have it in your house is a completely different story for a different time. I'm currently midway into a pretty heavy remodeling involving 24U rack installation - hope to finish it in a few weeks and publish the report.

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  1. Can't wait to hear more. I also have a little 24U Rack. It is great to have everything on onw central location.