Monday, November 12, 2007

Who Needs A Thermostat?

I've been pondering about this question for a long, long time - starting in about 2001 when the only way to control DZ available was a debug panel, and last time in an essay about SWMBO Compliance Certification (Squeezebox is still a good candidate), but it seems that there's been a new development that might if not put an end to the fruitless search, then significantly widen the options available.

I'm talking about Android.

It remains to be seen how viable the platform is and how many hardware manufactures will jump on the bandwagon. But for now - having worked on different Google APIs (Checkout and Calendar in particular) I can say that it's sure going to be a hell of a fun ride, and I'm about to get busy installing the Android SDK and tinkering with it to see how well can a user interface for a HVAC system work on a cell phone.

Now, who needs a thermostat on the wall, really?

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