Saturday, July 24, 2010

DZ 3.5.3 Release Is Out

This is a maintenance release.

Changes since 3.5.2

Major Bugfixes

Minor Bugfixes

  • ServoDamper will now reverse properly.

New Features

  • Added NullSwitch to allow actuator mocks (as well as using existing HVAC drivers to run less complex devices);
  • Added SingleSwitchDevice (experimental);
  • Added economizer abstraction and simple implementation;
  • Added resource usage counter abstractions and simple implementation;
  • Started integration with Sonatype Maven repository;
  • Added unified connector framework and HTTP connector;
  • Verified compatibility with 8CIO8-R1-A 8 Channel I/O (8 Relay Version), should also work with 8CIO4-R1-A 8 Channel I/O (4 Relay Version);
  • Verified compatibility with 6CMH1-R3-A 6 Channel Master Hub;
  • Added configuration switch to disable damper crawling (for slow serial servo controllers);
  • Added configuration switch to enable workaround for deadlocks (happens with some 1-Wire device containers not yet thoroughly tested).

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