Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ceiling Fans, Caught Red Handed

Remember, I was telling you not to turn them on?

Well, now they've been caught in action - take a look (clickable):

Be my guest, turn it on

The fan was turned on at 10:29 and turned off at 10:35.

In other words, every time you feel tempted to turn your ceiling fan on, stop and think whether you want the short term relief because of air circulation and long term loss because of extra heat that it generates, or the other way around.

I suggest you just turn the thermostat down a bit.


  1. Looks more like the fan just mixed the room air which brought the temp up at your sensor. A heat source should increase the slope of the temp curve, also, the temp returned to match the previous temp increase when you turned the fan off, instead of shifting up as if there was heat added to the room.

  2. Maybe, maybe not. Without instrumentation to back it up it is guesswork. So far, it looks like fans make things worse. More to come soon.