Monday, November 16, 2009

DZ 3.1 "Passive" Release Is Out

  • Integrated Servomaster again (see dz3-servomaster module);
  • Passive Mode operation is possible again after a long while;
  • Another round of 1-Wire driver code refactoring, streamlined bus operation, fixed several race conditions;
  • Replaced hardcoded RxTx dependency with the reference to Maven Central Repository.
Unlike last time, there are no instructions to configure servo controllers along with the rest of the system, it is not possible to run it without detailed understanding of how to configure the whole system. However, this blog contains more than enough information on that - under /label/configuration. If this turns out to be insufficient, join the mailing list and start asking questions.


3.2-BAREBONES, for real this time. I hope. As soon as that relay board makes it here.

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