Thursday, November 12, 2009

Next Release: Barebones


Essential things that didn't make it into Instrumentation release, namely:

  1. Servo controller integration (see Servomaster);
  2. 1-Wire switch based HVAC driver.
This release will allow to run the complete system (including HVAC unit control) with single mode operation (either heating or cooling), no schedule, and no GUI (thermostat setpoints controlled via JMX).


I expect the code to be finished within a week - servo controller first (so the whole system can be run in passive mode), then HVAC driver.

However, I'm yet to acquire a relay board (all I have now is raw DS2406 switches driving LEDs), so some tweaking may occur afterwords, when it is actually connected - besides, it's not a good time to conduct real life experiments at my location now, there is no heating nor cooling required until, I believe, middle of December.

UPDATE (2009/11/12): 8 channel I/O 8 relay board is in the mail.
UPDATE (2009/11/16): I lied. Next release is 3.1-PASSIVE.

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