Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jukebox 6.0 is out

The venerable Jukebox just had a major uplift, 6.0.




Build: Maven based, at long last.

Configuration: self-aware object model is being eventually retired in favor of dependency injection (I know this is long overdue, but hey, how often Jukebox is released? Projects based on it usually just work and don't require uplifts). Jukebox entities are now mostly Spring ready.

jukebox-datastream: Pulled in from DIY Zoning, it has become way too common to afford to keep it contained there. Works with any kind of signal now.

jukebox-jmx: All you have to do in order to expose a method for JMX instrumentation now is to add a @JmxAttribute annotation. Works just like JavaBeans, on both accessor and mutator methods. Word of warning, this is based on JDK 1.6 JMX, not JDK 1.5 JMX - it will not work there. And oh, by the way, you can use it independently from the rest of Jukebox.

jukebox-fsm: Implementation of a Finite State Machine based on generics. 'nuff said.

The rest of Jukebox hasn't changed much, except for rigorous JDK 1.6 compliance uplift and testing.

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