Sunday, November 8, 2009

OWAPI Refactoring, Round 2

I've done it once already. Haven't seen the code for a while, and when I looked at it again, I didn't like what I saw.

This is not going to be a lengthy process, just a quick walkthrough with a primary purpose to bring the OWAPI code base up to DZ3 coding standards.

DZ2 code base used OWAPI 1.00 as a base, and this is exactly what is being refactored further. Since that time, a new release came out, OWAPI 1.10. It doesn't look like changes between 1.00 and 1.10 are significant as far as DZ is concerned, and don't really care at this time, for there are reasons that look tangible enough to me:

  • Primary goal at this time is to release the complete working installation of DZ3 as soon as possible;
  • It looks like enthusiasm for 1-Wire sensor networks is dwinding;
  • OWPAI 1.10 still doesn't support the 1-Wire USB Adapter under Linux, and my workstation already doesn't have a serial port;
  • New sensor networ standards are coming out, and 1-Wire is just one of them.
If it turns out that there's a significant demand for features offered by OWAPI 1.10, well, there's always a diff(1) and patch(1).


  1. Could you provide info on some of the competing sensor network standards? I'd love to find something that's wireless, but won't break the bank.


  2. Honestly, I haven't investigated this question yet. All I know is that I constantly see references to wireless sensors, and they are not 1-Wire.

    I will refrain from name dropping for now, not to create any bias - but any references to wireless (or wired, for that matter) standards you, the reader, are willing to provide for consideration are welcome.